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Do you sell Wholesale Ribbon? Do you make and sell a lot of Hair Bows? Join our Reselling team to get discounts on large quantities of Ribbon!

To Join, visit our group on Facebook @ www.facebook.com/groups/ribbonhq/ and request to join.
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Our Vision And Mission

RibbonHQ is committed to creating great U.S. Designer Ribbon, and sharing it with the world.
As a technology and design company we continuously strive towards providing the best customer experience, while creating the highest quality designs printed on high quality ribbon.

Success through Innovation

Using technology to become the most efficient U.S. Designer Ribbon Company allows us to provide more for less, while providing a superior customer experience, all while staying true to our product.

Design from the Heart

We design ribbon that we would want to make bows out of. We are proud of our Ribbon and want to do everything possible to share it with the world.

Exemplary Customer Service & Support

Time is money, so we work to quickly invoice, order, ship and support our customers. We need our customer's experience to be more than shopping. It needs to be fast, efficient, and FUN

What our Customers are Saying

  • Erica Dana

    Joy of Hannah Boutique

    I absolutely fell in love with the burst print ribbon! It has been my go-to print from the moment I got my first shipment. I find all of Ribbon HQ's products beautifully printed and excellent quality! The glitter ribbons are not too stiff, and I can easily make a twisted boutique bow with ease. To top it all off, the owners of Ribbon HQ are very professional and answer questions promptly. They also ship in a very timely manner! You won't be disappointed with any of your purchases.

A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business.

- Henry Ford -

The Team

We are RibbonHQ, and we love ribbon and bows. We want to work with you so your business can succeed, and have a great time doing it.
If you're a ribbon reseller, bow maker, or artist, we live to provide you with the U.S. Designed ribbon you need. Go through a lot of ribbon? Join our Team! We have Wholesale and Bulk Purchasing Groups for great deals, good company, and fun.

    Linsay Davis

    / Executive Officer and Service Leader

    With over 12 years experience in the field of style and design; plus, 5 years experience as a Bow Maker, Linsay designs great ribbon that anyone would love. In addition to her designs, she works endlessly to ensure a great customer experience from Billing and Shipping to Social Media Engagement and Activities.

    Robert Wright

    / Executive Officer and Innovative Leader

    With over 15 years experience as a professional software developer and IT leader, Robert sees process and technology as the means to the best customer experience, and he won't rest until RibbonHQ offers the best customer experience.